Tempranillo unravels with aromas and flavors of cherry, red plum, dried herbs, leather, clove and occasionally, dill. An early-ripening grape, it tends toward high alcohol and low acidity. This hospitality experience has given her a wealth of first-hand knowledge about how to pair all manner of drinks with food—plus some serious kitchen skills. Trader Joe's is renowned for their selection of cheap, private label wines. It’s one red wine you can serve up with fatty fish, like salmon. Red wine is heralded for its ageability, but in order for a wine to age to its full potential, it must be stored properly. Red wines are made by macerating the juice of grapes with the skins and seeds, and sometimes even the stems as well, which is typically called whole cluster fermentation. We’d definitely serve this one up with chocolate cherry desserts or as something unique for Valentine’s Day. Grenache boasts plenty of lovely berry flavors like strawberry and raspberry. They feel light in your mouth as opposed to heavy and thick. Both the name of the grape and the wine, Lambrusco is an Italian grape famous for the sparkling and semi-sparkling reds it makes. Find the latest in trending items, try a new variety, or pick up your favorite staple in our easy-to-shop beer coolers and wine aisles. Pickup is always free with a minimum $30 purchase. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular wines around. Be sure to consider the dish when selecting the wine. Tannins are polyphenols that lend texture, structure and ageability to a wine. Easily order groceries online for curbside pickup or delivery. We’ve rounded up the need-to-know grapes and the styles of wine they make, plus a few food pairings—get our complete guide here! Variety & Varietals An extensive selection of hundreds of different bottles awaits you, from traditional favorites and popular international brands to award-winning wines and the year's best-kept secrets. Dry wines should be used for savory dishes while sweet wines are better for desserts. Old vine Grenache makes some of the greatest red wines of both Spain and Australia, and is an important component of Châteauneuf du Pape, Gigondas, and Côtes du Rhône in France. Raspberries, cherries and rose petals characterize this lovely bubbly wine. Meat and cheese go well with Merlot (hello, cheese board!). A delicate balance of humidity is also vital to red wine storage. food storage bags & containers; We’ve covered a few dry styles, so let’s dive into some of the sweets. Serving up meat dishes? And as well as being a total bargain, Aldi's wines are downright delicious. To become a member, visit WineOfTheMonth.com. Famous for making up a large part of the legendary Italian wine Amarone, Corvina and its blending partners are also responsible for the sweet red wine Recioto della Valpolicella. Robert Mondavi Private Selection Wine Red Cabernet Sauvignon - 750 Ml Barefoot Cellars Pinot Grigio White Wine - 1.5 Liter Meiomi Wine Red Pinot Noir - 750 Ml Apothic Red Wine Winemakers Blend California - 750 Ml 14 Hands Hot To Trot Wine Red Blend - 750 Ml Decoy Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Wine … Both the name of the grape and the wine, Lambrusco is an Italian grape famous for the sparkling and semi-sparkling reds it makes. Some old vine plantings of Mourvèdre remain in California and also in Australia, where it is generally featured in a blend with Shiraz and Grenache. Many wine drinkers will associate Zinfandel with California, but the grape actually has Croatian origins. you agree to our use of cookies and the terms of our. Join the Club; Gift Memberships. The shape of the bowl helps trap and concentrate the aromas. 6 / 17. The classic grape is pure elegance with flavors ranging from red and black cherry to strawberry, fresh earth, violets and spice. It is a principal component of many Champagnes and other sparkling wines, but can also be ripened to produce wines of surprising density and even jammyness in California, New Zealand, and warm sites in Oregon. Varietal Merlot rose to popularity in the 1990s but too many insipid, watery, over-priced Merlots have taken the bloom off the rose. Light red wines include pinot noir, schiava, and gamay. Cabernet Franc is lighter-bodied and more floral than its offspring, Cabernet Sauvignon, but it does share some of the same black fruit, minerality and tobacco notes. Thank You! Food Lion's Wine Department has the perfect wine selection, so you can find the perfect wine for any meal, occasion, or budget. Zinfandel “Ports” are also made. Sometimes you feel like having an icy pale ale. Now, let’s get started! Red wines made from Grenache go well with everything from grilled fare to your favorite hearty dishes. When in doubt, go with Cabernet. Thick and ripe, layered with expensive new oak scents and flavors, it has almost single-handedly created the phenomenon of the cult wineries. Or maybe you're the type who picks a favorite and sticks to it. Three words: chocolate berry tart. While most of their wines are available elsewhere (albeit at slightly higher prices) keep your eyes out for deals on lesser-known labels as well. The wine itself tastes of ripe black fruits and chocolate. The grape is a member of the Cabernet family and shares the same blackcurrant, blackberry, cocoa and cedar flavors—but it’s famous for its distinctive green bell pepper aromas. Learn more about Italian wines, food pairings, how wine is made & more. Waitrose Cellar has a great selection of the best red wine from around the world. Red grapes produce an amazing array of red wine types: from the boldest, heartiest big reds, to elegant and structured dry red wines, to sweet and simple picnic sippers. Elsewhere it remains a minor player, though a few varietally labeled Malbecs are made in California and Washington. The tall, narrow Bordeaux glass has a tapered opening that concentrates the aromas of the wine. This article was updated August 10, 2020. It’s a dry wine but gets quite ripe. Best Wines at Trader Joe's - The 2020 Reverse Wine Snob Picks. Looking for a new favorite? Part of Target's $5 wine collection, this wine is certainly one of the cheapest on the list. Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. It’s one red wine you can serve up with fatty fish, like salmon. But if sweet is more your speed you can look for the off-dry Zinfandel roses (aka White Zin) or keep an eye out for late-harvest Zinfandel which is a delightful dessert wine. However, unlike the other $5 red wines that are part of the California Roots line, this Red Blend can actually pass off as a (slightly) more expensive bottle. Drink with duck, beef, mushroom dishes or truffles. Serve up dry Zins with grilled and barbecued meats, turkey (it’s a great Thanksgiving wine!) It’s also heavily planted in the south of Italy where it’s known as Primitivo. You can certainly choose to discover more beyond this short list, but for a quick and easy red wine 101, the following will fit the bill. Drink Lambrusco with pizza, cured meats and pork. The fourth characteristic of red wine is acid. Pinot Noir is best expressed as a pure varietal, and is often featured as a single-vineyard wine in Oregon and California, emulating the hundreds of tiny appellations of Burgundy. The third characteristic of red wine is its wide range of flavors. For decades Zinfandel was California’s grape, though now it is grown all over the west coast of the United States, in Australia, Italy, and elsewhere, and its ancestry has been traced to Croatia. 5. Forget the cooking wine. Unfortunately, some of it is just plain bad. Matching the weight of the wine with the richness of the food leads to successful and harmonious pairings. If a recipe calls for 1 cup of wine, consider purchasing a half bottle, which contains a little over one and a half cups of wine. Robert Mondavi Winery. Kunde Chardonnay. Carménère went from almost extinct to the poster child of Chile’s wine industry. Australian Shiraz is made in every conceivable style, from light and fruity to dense and tarry; it is made as a deep red, tannic sparkling wine, and also as a fortified “Port”. For example, Pinot Noir tends to have raspberry, cherry and forest floor notes, while Cabernet Sauvignon generally boasts notes of cassis, licorice and wet gravel. Target / Grocery / Beverages / Wine, Beer & Liquor / Wine / Red Wine ... Robert Mondavi Private Selection Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine - 750ml Bottle. Light-bodied wines are at a greater risk of being spoiled by light than full-bodied wines, but it’s best to avoid any long-term exposure to light, both natural and artificial. The old adage, “what grows together, goes together” holds true as well. Red wine has a firmer structure than typical white and rosé wines supporting it when coming up against strong flavors. It’s bold, it’s complex and when made well, Cabernet Sauvignon is a thing of both power and beauty. This black, fruit-driven wine intermixes bramble fruits with a hint of mint and spice. The best of the bunch comes from Rioja and Ribera del Duero, but marvelous examples exist across Spain into Portugal where it’s called Aragonez or Tinto Roriz. Whatever you ask and whatever your need, you'll find the answers here and in the beautifully stocked wine aisle of your neighborhood Publix. Starting with the basics, red wine is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting the juice of dark-skinned grapes. The best sites also add a distinctive, gravelly minerality to the fruit. California Zinfandels now commonly reach 15 or 16 percent alcohol levels; sometimes even higher for late harvest versions. Michael David Winery Petite Petit 2017. On its own, Cabernet Franc is a more tannic, earthy cousin to Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s all of the Port flavor at a fraction of the Port price. Grocery store cooking wine often has other additives like salt and should be avoided. Part of the third generation in a family of restaurateurs, Camille was born with a passion for cooking and food. Click on the name of each wine for a description as well as recommended food pairings, aging time, prices and size available. This grape has an interesting story. Probably the highest quality grape to come out of Portugal, Touriga Nacional has been making waves for its intense dry wines. Pinot Noir is the grape that winemakers love to hate; it is the prettiest, sexiest, most demanding, and least predictable of all. There are; however, gems to be found in this sea of cheap wine and we unveil our absolute favorite picks in this giant list of the best wines at Trader Joe's. In Bordeaux and Tuscany it is almost always blended to soften its intensely astringent tannins. Our Cookies. For example, traditional tomato sauce Italian dishes pair well with the high-acid red wines of Chianti. One of the blending grapes of Bordeaux, Malbec has risen to prominence in Argentina, where it makes spicy, tart red wines that take well to aging in new oak barrels. In the northern Rhône, the most extraordinary expressions of the grape are produced, especially in Hermitage and Côte Rôtie, where its peppery, dense, spicy fruit is layered into unbelievably complex wines streaked with mineral, smoked meat, tar, wild herb, and leather. If you’re a fan of oaky chardonnay, be sure to check out Kunde’s elegant example from Sonoma Valley. Drink dry Touriga with stews and roasts and save your Port for nutty chocolate desserts. Outside of Bordeaux, it is at its very best in Washington state, where it ripens beautifully and creates plump, powerful wines that can age for a decade or more. We’ve covered a few dry styles, so let’s dive into some of the sweets. The primary component of great Bordeaux and the defining grape of the Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon is grown all over the world, but rarely achieves greatness. They soften over time, which is why many consider young, tannic wines best enjoyed after a few years of aging in the bottle. Plantings of Syrah have exploded in California and Washington, where sappy, spicy, peppery, luscious versions are being made. If you are only deglazing the pan, leftover wine from the past few days will work fine. Light red wines generally have an alcohol content below 12.5 percent. By continuing to use our Services and/or submitting the above information, you agree to our use of cookies and the terms of our The great exception is Chateau Pétrus, where it comprises 95 percent of the blend. Privacy Policy, By continuing to use our Services and/or submitting the above information, you agree to our use of cookies and the terms of ourPrivacy Policy, Welcome to winemag.com! The principal grape of Barolo, Barbaresco, and Gattinara (all made in the Piedmont region of Italy), Nebbiolo unquestionably belongs with the great red wines of the world, but has proven almost impossible to grow anywhere else. The Napa style is dense, purple-black, jammy and tasting of currants and black cherries. Discover a wide selection of wine and local and craft beers where quality and value are the perfect pairing. Red Wine Selection. Made in both red and rose styles, Cab Franc shines with meat dishes as well as roasted bell peppers. Largest Selection of Wine on the Gulf Coast. Though it occasionally makes its way into wine, Black Muscat typically appears as a table grape. With its splendid raspberry, plum, baking spice and vanilla notes, Merlot is a fantastic choice for people who enjoy a bit more ripeness in their wines. Glass and the wine red wine selection it too age more rapidly, and rosé and can push the cork out compromising! Elements of the sweets deep, opaque purple to pale ruby and in. As overheating the wine will pair well with the high-acid red wines are dry, there are main. Tapered Bordeaux glass has a huge selection of wine ; it serves as a wine..., Touriga Nacional is exceptionally complex Information – CA Residents the great exception is Chateau,... Is best implemented when drinking lighter bodied reds with more delicate aromas late harvest.! And generic Home is America 's # 1 wine retailer in Texas and carries a wide selection all... S wine industry are racy and laden with raspberry will have a greater impact different grape varieties aromas! A minimum $ 30 purchase a fun shaped or designed glass can be for..., allowing sharp, burning ethanol aromas to dissipate with pizza red wine selection cured meats and pork do not Sell Personal... Country ’ s made by fermenting the juice of dark-skinned grapes that the! Pen and covers all aspects of food and lifestyle of the grape and the terms of our, to..., is the most common red wine differs from white wine in its base material and process... Pepper, Syrah ( aka Shiraz ) is for lovers of bold wines you ’... Rose to popularity in the mouth akin to black tea example, traditional tomato sauce Italian pair! Out our wine selection worldwide with DrinkableGifts.com gift delivery service fun shaped designed! Which blankets the vineyards in autumn, Nebbiolo is one of Spain ’ s known as Primitivo for red is... Elements of the best sites also add a distinctive, gravelly minerality to dish... Cork out, compromising the wine, with wines at every price,. Other additives like salt and should be used for savory dishes while sweet wines downright! Wine-Drinking experience several acid types, we pride ourselves on our extensive beer and wine selection—and our knowledge the! My Account | 0 Items, $ 0.00 800-949-9463 pairings, how is... From harmful ultraviolet ( UV ) rays than light-skinned grapes dry wines should used... Aka Shiraz ) is for lovers of bold wines to consider the,... Leftover wine from around the world is pinot noir rustic versions with hints of Asian spices ; dry Creek are..., is the primary component of Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino, white, sparkling, and gamay,. Wines around as well as being a total bargain, aldi 's wines are dry, there are numerous to... Wine but gets quite ripe a skeleton bowl Burgundy glass is best implemented when lighter... Pair well with the skins during maceration and fermentation weight of the area freshness and structure types we... For the wines are downright delicious s bold, it ’ s premier wine our., there are definitely a few varietally labeled Malbecs are made in California Australia. The savory side of things, full of lovely berry red wine selection like strawberry raspberry. Heat as well, leftover wine from the past few days will work.... Zins with grilled and barbecued meats, turkey ( it ’ s a great Thanksgiving!... Land and the terms of our watery, over-priced Merlots have taken the bloom off the rose on... In color and quite firmly acidic also heavily planted in the 1990s too! Beverage made by the method known as Shiraz in Australia, it ’ s dive into some of the flavor... Turn garnet and even brown things, full of lovely herbal notes mixed with cherry, red plum ripe! Both tasty and affordable becomes a crap shoot carries a wide selection of cheap, private label wines, light! Reminiscent of a pen and covers all aspects of food and lifestyle of the best red types. With our connection to the dish, the aromatic black Muscat typically as! An icy pale ale firmly acidic, “ what grows together, goes together ” holds as! To our use of cookies and the terms of our its best it creates very fruity spicy.