JimLaS 3 years ago . Ubang mga pinulongan sa (Cebuano) iban nga mga pinulongan sang (Hiligaynon) Cebuano og (ceb) kag (hil) Hiligaynon kay magka paraha ang pronuanciation pero usahay lain ang gipasabot. God speed!!!! "Ang unggoy bisan unsa pay sul-ubon magpabiling unggoy gihapon!" Rolando, Bakit marami ang mga CEBUANO(Wrong Grammar Language) kay sa TAGALOG (Correct Grammar Language? im sorry if im not speaking visaya for i kinda get confused by the spelling. Isn't it curious how proverbs from different countries (and I am English) have a certain similarity? James wrote:Monday, 13 September 2004 14:54:13 PHT Thanks--Lyn. To my fellow natives "Cge padyud!!!" Its a reality on our daily living, it was conceived to reflects how people in all walk of life make their decisions and doings. This page really helps my husband to learn our dialect...he's Tagalog and he really, really, wants to learn Bisaya especially that whenever we have a little get together in Cavite with my family, we always speak Bisaya.He understands,yes, but he wants to speak our dialect.Thanks for the guide, i'll let my husband know that this site really exists.This is my first time to drop by here. 10 Kung ikaw ay manglupaypay sa kaarawan ng kasakunaan, ang iyong kalakasan ay munti. My mother is from Bohol so her first language is Visayan. Rolando Langshiaw wrote:Tuesday, 12 April 2005 22:44:51 PHT google_ad_height = 90; They embody the morals and the wisdom of the people, and reflect their ideas and beliefs in a just a few well choosen words. Okay na natyendihan na ko. Sa Ilongo o Hiligaynon Dula is ‘lost’ og hampang is ‘play’; nadula o nadura(karay-a) means ‘lost’ and naghampang ‘playing’. Central Visayan - which includes Hiligaynon, Waray-Waray, Romblomanon, Capiznon, Masbatenyo, Porohanon, the Bisakol languages of Sorsogon and Northern Samar, and others. Lolita Paujos wrote:Saturday, 9 April 2005 18:03:31 PHT 3. "Iyot" in cebuano means "Massage" in Bisaya means "To have sex", "Sabot" in Cebuano means "to understand" kapag bisaya means "Public Hair", "Sili" in Cebuano means "Pepper" in Bisaya means "Penis". God Bless Us Always :-). "Nindot" can't be used to describe how a food taste and in this case "lami" only applies. google_ad_width = 728; I really like it! thierrry FRANCOIS wrote:Friday, 29 April 2005 15:02:50 PHT By the way, please clarify your question? Kailan ang "tagalog proverbs", or "Batangenio proverbs"? Behind the Mask Initial Words. Besides this is a Website created Cebuano words are original and let us remember, we might lost our identity. Nakakatuwang mag-aral ng mga magkakamag-anak na wika. The term "Bisaya" as being referred as language, means that these are the languages spoken by the people in the Visayan regions, like Cebuano(which is also widely spoken in Mindanao), Ilongo(Hiligaynon and Karay-a are the dialect), Waray, etc. jenn wrote:Thursday, 27 November 2003 12:08:50 PHT dugangi pa na.... dili nga kana lang, daghan pa'y wala It includes riddles in several Filipino languages, including Bikol. secret wrote:Sunday, 14 March 2004 23:01:14 PHT Nawa lagi ako mata? All of the translations Tani, Maintendihan mo ako ang sining sulti ko.. Click on Tagalog to use the Tagalog quizzes Quizzes on Books of the Bible (or Parts e.g. - by Andreken. I wanted to be there in Bohol. It must be the traits of human nature. Jojo taga bunga mar,jagna wrote:Friday, 17 September 2004 23:17:38 PHT 1. arrive to a point of our local idiomatic expression. Pagtalikod birhen, pag-atubang sigben! Josephine Piola wrote:Tuesday, 5 April 2005 06:29:16 PHT Palawan Bisaya means Ilingo(Hiligaynon) indi Cebuano....iba ang bisaya sa Bohol means Boholano... What is pure Bisaya? ----Bebie